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Faceted Shield Peach Moonstone Drop Hoop Earrings (45 mm) Gold Filled/Semi Precious Stone - Exclusive Design


Cool & Edgy  Soft Faceted Shield Shape. Soft faceted stone peach  neutral moonstone has a beautiful natural sheen. Note, this drop can be put on any size hoop of your choice from extra small to extra large - inquire within.


  • Medium/Large 45 mm Gold Filled Wire Hoop
  • Semi Precious Peach Moonstone Shield drop  Stone
  • Exclusive Design
  • Assembed in the USA

Faceted Shield Peach Moonstone Hoop Earrings (45mm) Gold Filled/Semi Precious

  • Gold Filled Wire Hoop

    Natural Semi  Precious Peach Moonstone - Electroplated Gold

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